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Our YouTube show explores the AlphanumetriX products and how they can be used to manage an investment portfolio

Like everything in trading and investing you need to read the market and weigh up the risk to reward of what the market is able to provide. XRP for us does not meet the criteria for a tradable asset so will will be skipping this signal.

Vechain has had a rough go these last few years. is the bottom in? we are about to flash a green diamond on the weekly chart and that is a great signal that the market is very oversold! welcome to sh!tco!n bingo!

'SHITCOIN BINGO' is a collaborative series between Baloo the Bear (crypto jungle) & Matthew McGregor (AlphanumetriX). Together, we will examine the tried and true methodology of "buying extreme dips," while we aggressively and unemotionally buy shitcoins.

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